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What makes us unique?

Key Features

1-to-1 Mentorship
Upon joining you’ll be assigned a mentor, an industry expert, who will be guiding/teaching you along with your entire training program. Feel free to treat them as your elder brother/sister. They are always present to help you.
Hands-on Training
Gain knowledge by doing it rather than learning it in a boring classroom from a boring teacher. You will learn by implementing your knowledge on real-life projects. Industry seeks practical knowledge rather than just theory; we will provide you with applied knowledge.
Relevant skills
We teach you tools and technologies that are relevant.
For example, git, GitHub, VSCode, MS excel, reading docs and research papers, GitHub Pages, Kaggle, portfolio website, etc. are all discussed in the course.
We don’t just teach you machine learning or data science. We teach you everything that goes into becoming a good data scientist. You will learn web scraping, regex, SQL, Flask, Rest APIs, deploying ML models, and much more.
Different people have different speed of learning and keeping up with other’s pace is always frustrating. With our training program, you can learn at your own pace. Finish the course at your own convenience, no need to worry about anyone else.
Flexible Timing
Our offices are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day, your mentor will always be present at the given timings in the office, feel free to come down any time you want and start learning.

Our Courses will help you grow

Our courses have a proven track record of creating industry-ready students, who are eager and qualified enough to show their skills and secure their dream job or reach new heights in their current domains.


Python is one of the most sought-after skills by employer & 1 of the most widely used language too.

Data Science

With soaring data generation, mastering Data Science is more crucial than ever.

Data Analytics

As data production escalates, Data Analytics is vital for extracting key insights.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

SQL is essential for storing and retrieving data. This course includes MySQL training.

Deep Learning

Almost all state-of-the-art techniques in computer vision and NLP rely on deep learning.

Business Intelligence Tools

Learn to extract insights from data and make informed decisions. This course covers tools like PowerBI.


SQL is essential for storing and retrieving data. This course includes MySQL training.

Generative AI

Generative AI enables computers to create and understand complex data; gain hands-on experience.

Computer Vision

Empower computers to comprehend images and videos through practical projects.

What are we trying to achieve?

Course Target

We want to produce;
Data Scientists who are equally good software developers,
Data Scientists who are not afraid of coding,
Data Scientists who are curious, and
Data Scientists who believe learning is fun!

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It doesn’t matter if you don’t come from a technical or a mathematical background (though it’s okay if you do!); we have designed this course to make Machine Learning accessible to as many people as possible. The only prerequisite is that you know some high school math. Having some programming knowledge, preferably Python or C, is good but not necessary.

All our courses are self-paced. Different people require different time duration to complete the courses. On an average an absolute beginner spends 2-3 Months on training, given he/she puts efforts of 2 hours a day.

A mentor will be an expert having good experience of the field, to whom you can talk to whenever you need any kind of help. Someone who could guide you through this learning process and make it easy for you. The Mentor will always be present to solve your queries, personally.

We offer both online and offline courses. For online courses, there’s no need to show up to our classroom for the course sessions, but we will be happy to meet you in-person whenever possible. The workplace wonderfully designed for software development, meet-ups, and workshops.

We also provide offline support, during and after the course.

Unlike many other courses, our approach is Top-Down approach, we believe in “code first” rather than “math first” or “theory first”. All our courses are complete hands-On. Lot of scope to write code everyday and work on Projects. (although we do cover all the necessary theory when appropriate)..

Yes. You will be given a Hard Copy as well as a Soft copy of the certificate, which you can add it to your LinkedIn Profile.

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