How can I build my profile for MS in Data Science?

Masters in Data Science

Hello Y’all,

My name is Yash Shah and I am currently pursuing my MS in United States from The University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Analytics and Data Science track. In this blog I will share things that helped me big time securing my Internship in the field of Analytics and Data Science for Fall-2020. I have experienced it first-hand and trust me when I say this, it was not easy at all. I really wish I had someone giving me the same advice before coming to States.

So here’s my advice for folks who couldn’t come travel abroad to pursue their dreams due to closer of visa consulates or some other reasons pertaining to COVID-19 and how you can make a brilliant use of your time when we are all locked up in our homes and can’t really go out to enjoy or to work. 

From my personal experience when I came to USA for my MS in Data Analytics there was this sense on competition from every international student to secure a summer internship so that their rest of the journey in MS settles downs as soon as possible. Hence to secure one here are few skills I feel will be extremely helpful for students in these trying times.

Firstly, and most important is programming for python with focus on data science skills sets like numpy, pandas visualization library like seaborn and matplotlib. While we are home if you can learn these important data manipulation skills you will already have an edge over other student and from their you can built of that by doing some interesting projects on various datasets and implementing models from Sklearn which will be crucial in getting interview calls.

Other than this, command on one of the visualization tools like Tableau or Power BI and similarly doing project on them will make out standout from the rest. Practicing SQL queries and gaining and revising DBMS will be nice use of time as well. It is equally important doing some relevant mini projects in the above domain which will give you a good experience implementing these technologies and will certainly add up to your resume. 

So all in all SQL, Bi tool and programming for data science coupled with a basic level of statistics will lay a strong foundation for you even before landing to the country of your dreams and you won’t believe how easy your life will be.

Trust me because it’s the very same skills that you will learn in advance when you start you graduate course work which will cover everything in advance and you will have your foundation rock solid.

When I was in India, my journey with aiadventures started in 2019 of January. They mentored me and helped me to learn all these technologies from basics. After learning with them, I could build a good Data Science project portfolio which ultimately helped me a lot when I was looking for internship opportunities in the USA.

If you an absolute beginner and do not know much about these tools and technologies, please checkout all their courses.

Folks it’s up to us how you want to use this down time and if we don’t come out more stronger, fitter and more knowledgeable I am afraid we have not made the full use of this golden opportunity.

I hope you will make most of this opportunity, and I wish you luck with your MS dreams!!

Yash Shah

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